At Juntos we offer a spacious dormitory with 3 double bunk beds and 4 single beds, so there are never more than 10 persons in the dormitory. Also we offer a double room with double bed (1.40 x 2 m) at the ground floor with a separate shared bathroom. We’re closed on Mondays and Fridays.

We are a small, family-run albergue and we invite you to our house: when staying here, you will have to comply to our house rules. So before making your reservation, make sure we are a match!

  • Doors open at 13.00 hrs, not earlier!
  • No early check-outs: check-out before 7.00 hrs. is strictly not possible.
  • No backpack or suitcase deliveries/pickups possible
  • Dinner is at 19.00 hrs only